Mr Jez Mead

Aproveitando o  tema do post (om)de? deste mês - "Byron Bay" - busquei na minha "CDgrafia" uma super dica de um musico de lá que eu sou fã! Have fun!



Sobre mim: Jez Mead plays a raw, intense and hypnotic kinda folk blues. He is a well travelled journeyman and it is a quest that he invites the listener to explore with him. He is deep and diverse in voice and word and his guitar style rises to whatever the song calls for. That can mean slapping it, tapping it, wringing its neck, caressing it , bending it, bashing it, tuning it weird, making it sway, swing, sing, strumming it, fingerpicking it, making it run, chasing it down and holding it gently to his heart. He can sing sweet about love gone wrong or hollar and scream about the plight of drug tested spiders. He also has the odd pop notion. There is a loyalty to the emotion of the song that creates the style. He bangs his foot on a wooden box too, if need be.
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